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    How to Prepare for Visiting Family & Guests with Children

    When customers call us to rent baby gear and related equipment we often help them to think through various seasonal and locational variables that are crucial to making them, as well as visiting family and guests, as comfortable as possible throughout their stay.

    The following is a kind of checklist you can go through when family or other guests with small children are coming to town to visit.

    Seasonal Considerations

    During the summer, Umbrella Strollers offer shade, and are lighter and easier to break down and carry. If you are walking to the beach, our Plastic Red Wagon is the perfect helper: Your child can sit and enjoy the ride. Conversely, during the fall months, our customers do better with a Jogging Stroller. They boast larger and wider tires with more tread, which is more conducive to travel on off-road paths while apple picking or site seeing. Also, our customers often rent various toys to keep babies occupied while inside during the winter months or rainy days. We offer various Children’s Toys such as Activity Jumpers for the little ones, and Child-Sized Tables for the older toddlers, so children can create with Legos, and erasable crayons or markers—without fear of ruining any furniture.

    School-Age Considerations

    Our clients with three- to five-year-olds have discovered that the rental of a Balance Bike can make all the difference in the outcome of their visit. The two-wheeled vehicles without pedals offer a great opportunity for the younger ones to develop his or her coordination and balance skills. It will keep little ones busy for hours, believe us, and that means more time of rest and relaxation for you. The rental of this item from us also includes a Helmet for safety.

    Hotel Considerations

    Maybe you are considering staying at a local hotel for a visit. You’ll need a few things for the trip to go smoothly, such as a Bath Seat, a Bath Seat Ring (for children between 1 & 2), Bath Mats (for safety), and a variety of Water Toys so children will have something to play with in the bath. Microwave Bottle Sanitizers and Electric Bottle Warmers also come in handy.

    We also offer a Concierge Service, by pre-arrangement only, where we can make sure your guests find everything they’ll need to succeed when they arrive in their hotel room—a supply of diapers, formula, child-friendly snacks and food, and perhaps a Crib. Although most hotels offer Cribs, they usually come with regular bed sheets that fit cribs disproportionately and could be dangerous if baby gets accidentally wrapped-up in the sheet. Our Full-Sized Folding Cribs come equipped with custom-fitted sheets, and organic sheets are an option as well. They have two position options, a stationary (non-drop side) rail design that provides the utmost in product safety, dual-safety, hooded locking wheels, and a beautiful non-toxic finish.

    Don’t forget the Musical Mobile… to lull your baby to sleep with soothing bedtime songs. For the older children, we offer Toddler Beds, complete with bedding or Safety Side Rails for adult-sized beds.

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